Authentic Architecture

The architecture in Morocco is a perfect mixture of Islamic,Berbers,Europeans and even Africans ones.The rich colors in old houses,mosques and royalty tombs present in tile (Zelij) and ceilings.You can discover more just by visiting the old medina and spending the night in some riads there.

In Marrakech, you ll love Majorelle gardens designed to make you live magical moments with its perfect combination of plants and colors (blue and red).Or you can visit the palaces remaining showing the beauty of Moroccan architecture.  

Diversity of nature


Diversity can be a very important factor to make you enjoy your trip, but when we mention diversity the first thing we think about is Moroccan nature, where you can find a large variety of outstanding landscapes (Desert,Oasis,Cedar forests,High Atlas mountains covered with snow,beach and much more..) it’s like living the four seasons in one place.

You can check all the activities that we propose including camel trekking and spending the night in the desert in Nomad Tents


Varied Culture 

Morocco has hosted many people such as Berbers,Arabs,Sub-saharian Africans and also Europeans. This combination made a very rich culture and people are very hospitable,easy going and tolerant.

Food choices

Moroccan cuisine embraces the diversity of recipes with the freshest local ingredients, making you live some of the most unique gastronomic experiences. In your trip you can not miss the authentic Couscous, the delicious tajins or the famous tanjia.