Marrakech Desert Trips is a travel company registered in Morocco.

We offer private tailored guided cultural tours for singles, couples, families and small groups.

Travel with Marrakech Desert Trips means consultations are based upon first hand experience and our custom made itineraries and travel advice is always free to our customers.

Our team consists of some of tourism experts, drivers & guides, this will let you see Morocco through the eyes of the local people. We have long experience and we received many great feedback from our clients from all over the world who came to Morocco to enjoy.

We deeply believe in versatility, everyone has his own taste so we collaborate to plan a good trip plan and propose it to our client, if he liked it and decided to go through it we do the rest, if otherwise if wants something else, we take his opinion into consideration and we try to help him out get a satisfied plan in which he gets the most out of his trip to Morocco.

We don’t just want to get clients to enjoy and go, we are looking for positive feedback and referrals through our services. We treat our clients we if we were to treat our closest family members. We value them because they are our capital and are proud of them.

Marrakech to sahara desert tours and camel trekking and Morocco tours packages starting from anywhere in Morocco.